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Welcome to the Internet site of the
RNLI - Exeter & District Branch.

Stan Hacking Concert Band
On 5 October, the Stan Hacking Concert Band are playing a concert for the RNLI at the Barnfield Theatre, Exeter. It starts at 7.30pm and the band will play music on a maritime theme to reflect the work of the RNLI. The band, which is very popular locally, are donating their services for free for this charity concert. There will be a draw and we will be taking a collection at the end of the performance. We hope that it will be a very enjoyable and entertaining evening. All seats are 7 each and are available from:

  • The Model Shop, Sidwell Street, Exeter
  • You can telephone 01392 447672
  • The Barnfield Theatre

  • For more information, please contact us.

    Exmouth Lifeboat Station
    The new Lifeboat station at Exmouth started to be built in May 2008. It is projected to be completed by mid-December 2008. The new Lifeboat station will house a carriage-launched Mersey Class All-Weather Lifeboat and its towing tractor. It will also house the D-Class In-shore Lifeboat on its trailer and with its own tractor. Incorporated in the building will be crew changing facilities, offices, and training rooms. There will be a souvenir shop selling a range of Lifeboat souvenirs and a viewing window overlooking the All-Weather Lifeboat. Both Lifeboats will be launched down a ramp onto the beach, into the water.
    The Lifeboat station will be state of the art and will provide our volunteer crews with much needed improvements to help them do their often arduous tasks.
    For more information, you can visit the Exmouth Lifeboat Station Appeal here.

    New Member Joins Committee
    It is with pleasure that we can report that Mr Christopher Webber has agreed to join the Branch Committee. Christopher brings a wealth of experience to the fundraising activities of our branch. We should point out that he is not related to Mike and Matthew Webber!

    Annual General Meeting 2006
    On 25 April 2006, we held our Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Great Western Hotel, St Davids, Exeter. The Chairman, Mike Webber, reported on another successful fundraising year given the number of problems we had over the year. The Branch would have to examine its fundraising activities, and make sure we could raise funds given our limited resources.
    It is imperative that new members are recruited, especially to help out on the Branch Committee.

    Branch Annual General Meeting 2005
    The 2005 AGM was held on 31 May 2005. Here is a brief summary of the meeting.
    Despite being a very traumatic year for the Branch, with resignations, illness, etc., The Branch managed to increase its income. Our total receipts were 18,814.01 (15,755.25 previously), expenses were 162.39 (273.06 previously) and souvenir sales were 5,123.67 (6,714.23 previously). This left a balance of 13,527.95 (8,767.96 previously) which, with a 33% profit on souvenirs of 1,690.81 (2,235.84 previously), gave a total of 15,218.76. This was up from 11,003.80 last year.
    The committee at the end of the year all agreed to stand again and we also welcome two new members in Brian Hawkins and Matthew Webber. See The Branch for a complete list of the Committee.

    Would You Like a Talk By the RNLI?
    Are you representing an organisation or a group of individuals? If so, would you like us to give you a talk about the work of the RNLI? We can show videos and hand out literature about our work. We do not charge for this but would appreciate a donation to our funds. If you would like to know more, please click here.

    Please enjoy your stay, and remember to visit us frequently for future developments.

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